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Oct - 28

What is Google ads

In today's era, everyone uses technology, that one technique is called Google and Google is the most used technology in the whole world. Google provides many services like how we can make money online. Now we talk about Google AdWords. Google Adward provides us with online advertising. By using Google Adward, bloggers or business people can access their products or services through advertisements. When we connect our website to Google Adward, if anyone searches for information related to our website, you will see that advertisements appear on the right side of your website and this increases traffic to your website. When a user searches on Google-related keywords related to your ads, and Google shows ad ads on the website that the user has opened, and if the user clicks on that ad and comes to the ad's website, then they'll see Google Will have to pay PPC MARKETING PPC is a model of online marketing. Whenever you do some information search on Google, whatever results come in front of us, some of those links are such that ads would show on the side. This means that a company or website is advertising their product or service, that company or website is linking its link to the top in search engine, the method that they have called PPC marketing. Importance Google ads:- 1)    It helps improve search ranking in paid auction results. 2)    It improves organic searches rankings as well. 3)    It helps in lead generation. 4)    Quicker results. 5)    Targeted ads.…

Oct - 21

Digital Marketing Techniques For Lead Generation

How to generate leads and grow your business with Digital marketing? Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers for your business. There are different ways, with the help of which we can generate leads online . First Of all, we will talk about that  Digital marketing techniques which will help us to generate leads. There are various ways in digital marketing that will help us to gain leads online .But we focus on major factors, which will help us to gain leads. So without wasting our time, we are going to discuss lead generation techniques. Lead generation techniques with digital marketing are:-                                             1)search engine optimization.  2) Social media marketing.   3) PPC.       4) Email marketing.   5) content marketing  Many of from us don’t know about these major factors, so we are describing these factors one by one below:- What Is Seo? Search engine optimization for lead generation Search engine optimization is a Best and free technique from all digital marketing techniques to get leads for businesses. Abbreviation for Search Engine optimization is SEO. SEO is a process of getting traffic from free, natural. It  does not mean optimizing search engines . It means to optimize our website according to search engine guide lines. It is a continuous process. It helps us to get leads. A question is occurring  on your mind ,How SEO helps us to get leads. In SEO, we optimize our website to make visible our website on the first page or top of the first page. When our related audience will  type their…