What is a blog?

A blog is an informational website that displays weblogs or information in reverse chronological order. It is a platform where bloggers share their knowledge or ideas on solitary topics. There are many purposes for starting a blog to personal use yet In business you only use it to find potential customers. The real motive of the blog is to connect you with your relevant audience, increase your website traffic and receive genuine leads to your website. blogs is most important for a Digital marketing agency or an another business.   

what is a blog

Difference between blog and websites:

The blog is one of the types of website. The only difference between blog and website is that blog is updated regularly with new content, which shows in reverse chronology order ( latest post appearing on top).

The website has a constant nature where content is collected in pages which do not update regularly.

A blog can be parts of the websites. Businesses can create a blog section for their business where they post content regularly to give knowledge and information to their audience.

In simple terms, all blogs can be a website or part of the website but not all websites are called blogs.

Types of blogs:

There are many types of blogs: –

  1. Personal: In this, the blogger only focuses on themself. They write blogs about their interests like hobbies, habits, lifestyle, daily life etc.
  2. Personal brand: In this, the bloggers write about their profession as a brand. They build their reputation within a specific niche like Teacher, speaker, trainer, leader etc.
  3. Corporate: This is focused on the only business. They write about their products and services in this with the purpose of increasing traffic and generating leads for the business.
  4. Personal services: This is focused on the services offered. They write about personal services like babysitting, Dog walking, house or office cleans.
  5. Repair services: This is focused on the services offered. They write about repair and maintenance services like house repair, lawn care etc.
  6. Niche blog: A niche blog focuses on a specific topic and category. This type of blog targets the audience according to their interesting niche. 

There is some popular niche:

            Fashion, Travel, Music, News, Pets, Lifestyle, Fitness, Finance, Politics, DIY(Do it yourself), Business, Parenting, Movies, Cars, Gaming, Sports, Personal, Books, Entertainment.

  1. Affiliate Blog:In this, focus of the content is on the products and services. They promote products & services with their content. The call to action to purchase products and services by affiliate’s link.
  2. Artist’s blog:The content focuses on the arts like painting, drawing, music, photography etc. They write about their arts and show their work to the audience. They also add galleries and shops where you can purchase their work.
  3. Guest blog:The content of the guest blog is written by the guest writers, who are expert in their fields. They come to other sites to publish their content, which has a high reputation on the internet. The guest blogger comes to them to grow their audience quickly. There are many guest post sites on the internet.
  4. Podcast:The content of this blog is usually video or audio. It includes a summary or description of anything. This is episodic. The podcast usually takes the form of a webinar, interview, online classes etc.

How to start a blog:

A blog is an informative website, where the blogger shares his knowledge or ideas on many topics, which are regularly updated with new content.

When someone wants to start blogging, some questions come to his mind: how to become a blogger? How to make money from blogging?, what is blog writing? and many more. But the question that first comes to mind is what is blogging? And the answer is simple, It is a skill or technique that helps to run and monitor a blog. It is necessary to write, post, link and share content easily on the Internet.

There are several steps to start a blog:

  1. Choose a niche: First, you need to choose your specific niche. On which you want to write such as fashion, education, entertainment, food, lifestyle.
  2. Pick a blog/domain name: Find or pick a good name for your blog according to your niche. A good name can attract the audience to you.
  3. Get your blog online: After choosing the domain, you have to get your blog online. For this, you need two things: Hosting & Blog software. These things help you to show your content on the internet.
  4. Customized your blog: In this, you need to apply a suitable theme in this and use helpful plugins to maintain the blog site.  
  5. Write and publish content on blog: Now you can write content on a specific topic and publish it on your blog site. You have to keep in mind that the content you will share with the audience has to be valuable, which helps to attract them to you.
  6. Promote your blog: Promoting is a part of blogging. If people do not read your blog then your all hard work goes in vain. Marketing and Promoting will engage or connect to you with your readers. There are many activities you can do to promote it like: Tell your friends about this, guest posting, submit to search engines, active on social media etc.
  7. Make money from blogging: Blogging is very popular nowadays. Many people choose it as a career. You can make money from it by monetizing. There are many activities which help you make money from it like: Running ads on blog, Enrollment with affiliate marketing. Selling products and services etc.

But one thing always to be remembered is that It is not only to make money, it is also used for sharing valuable and helpful information to the audience. 

 Blogs are a kind of website. Blog is considered a product of Google, which works like a website. Blogs are free service by Google. Through blogs, we can access our information to the whole world and share them on Facebook. On posting, it remains limited to only a few people, but through the blog, we can reach the people who search queries related to our information on Google. Ifrita Web Solutions Provide Blog Writing Services and Digital Marketing, SEO Services According to our business if you want to write a blog for our business to contact us.

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