What is Static Website?

Static websites are those websites in which the user or the website does not make any changes automatically. A static website includes web pages with set content. Each page is coded in HTML and gives the same information to all visitors. We call this type of website a static website. Such websites are created to give information about a company, school, or any other type of information. The information given in this type of website is also static. A static website is easily created a then dynamic website. Because they already have codes displayed in them. And when a static website has to be updated, it requires a web developer, its hosting is not very expensive compared to other websites. The main reason for this is that we do not need any special database for this. Static websites are a simple type of website and are the easiest to create. and are the easiest to create. According to the dynamic website. They do not require any type of web programming or database design. To create a static website, we have to create some HTML pages and publish them on the web server. The static website development company also uses such a method.


Since static web pages contain fixed code therefore the content of each page does not change until then. Unless it is updated by a web developer. This works well for small websites. If you also want to create a static website for any information, then our company provides static website development services. We have a dedicated team of web developers who can update your website according to your information. In addition, our company also provides services for dynamic websites, hence, larger websites typically use dynamic pages, which can be updated by simply modifying a database record. Our static website designing company designs them using templates often in many page sites and it is possible to update multiple pages at once and also helps provide a compatible layout throughout the site. ifrita web solution static website design company that provides service for dynamic and static website Dynamic website requires coding and database. But to create a static website, codes are already published and there is no need for a database. We have a professional team for website designing.

Pages are often HTML documents in static website design. Which are stored as a file in the file system and are made available on HTTP by the web server. Through static website development, we can make our website easily accessible to people by creating a small website. And updates can easily be made on these websites, but for a large website, we cannot use a static website.

What are the differences between a static website and a dynamic website?

  1. There are no changes in the static website and codes are already published on the static website whereas the dynamic website has to be changed from time to time.
  2. On a static website, the user can not only get the information but in the dynamic website, the user can log in himself and can also access it easily.
  3. It is easy to create astatic website, but it is difficult to create a dynamic website, mainly because the codes are published on the static website first.
  4. Hosting in a static website is very cheap because it has very less database usage whereas dynamic hosting is also very expensive because it contains a lot of data and requires a good database so that the user can log in easily.
  5. Static websites are mostly made for providing information about companies and information about schools etc. Dynamic websites are created for businesses like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, etc. Through static website design services, we can easily reach the information about our company to the people.
Static Websites vs Dynamic Websites Which Is Better for SEO

Our company provides services for creating dynamic websites as well as providing static websites and also provides bootstrap website services. Websites built on Bootstrap are mobile-friendly which are supported on any browser according to their screen size. Bootstrap is a type of framework built from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap is used to make our website more responsive and mobile-friendly website. Along with this our static website service agency also provides a website facility on Word Press Services. Word Press is open-source software that is used to create online websites. At Word Press, we design websites according to our client’s information because we have WordPress Professional teams are available that become professional websites. The static website development company In Faridabad provides you with dynamic and static site services.

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