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Interested to learn the finest and topmost web development course in India? Ifrita Web Solutions is here to guide you with the best web development course along with our best team members.

Web development trails through the list of much needed essential elements to support the online world of any of the business operations. In fact, various web development frameworks are much needed to move ahead in the search engines list, create the master piece website to reach the maximum audience in the process of media advertising and branding.

Adding the true insight to your web development learning process, Ifrita Web Solutions has been constantly working all through this process of imparting knowledge. It has evolved as all round trainer with a significant web developer course curriculum.

Conducting practical classes on live projects, we work with a real time initiative to familiarize and train our students towards the real challenges occurring in the software industry and how to overcome them to build their career prospects, post course completion with us!

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Digital marketing Training in Faridabad

Ifrita web solution is a Digital marketing company in Faridabad. But now we have started a digital marketing training institute in Faridabad. Many institutes are teaching the theoretical part of digital marketing that is no more worthwhile for students. But Ifrita Web solution focuses on both theoretical and practical skills. One more unique feature of Ifrita web solution is that we are a digital marketing agency and we have live projects and students can work on those projects and it’s a brilliant opportunity for students. We are provides Search Engine Optimization Courses. Our course curriculum is designed by experts. If you will join the course, you will learn all these topics practically with our experts.If you enroll in this course, you will learn topics given below.-
Digital marketing company in Faridabad

Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing is a term comes out of marketing concept only where you can promote your business through social media platforms. For example, if you are holding a business of facial products, SMM (social media marketing) enables you to promote your product in social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, linked in and many other more websites. Ifrita Web Solution is the best social media marketing agency in Faridabad also coming forward as Digital marketing institute in Faridabad.

We teach students about the social media platforms that how to play Facebook ad, Google ad, how to manage campaigns and many other more skills that are included in Social Media Marketing. Students have the opportunity to work on the live projects in social media marketing.

Media platforms where we teach our students the Social Media Marketing are –

●     Facebook Ads

●     Instagram Ads

●     Twitter Ads

●     Linkedin Ads

●     Pinterest ads

Search Engine Optimization Training

SEO is a process by which we can increase the organic traffic of our website. So that we can get Maximum visitors and this will be possible only when your website or blog has SEO, Your website or blog will appear on the search engine results page. Ifrita Web Solutions Provide Best SEO training in Faridabad

Types of SEO

1. On page

2. off page

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ON Page: – On page SEO, the page gets more attention or we can say that the work done inside the website is called ON Page SEO. Such as high quality, keyword rich content creation, image optimization also optimized the HTML and Meta titles, Meta description etc. ifrita web solution best SEO tanning institute in Faridabad and Delhi NCR.

Off Page: – Off page is done to SEO website or blog. This includes things like blog submission, Backlinks, social bookmarking, directory submission and more. Ifrita Web Solution is the SEO training institute in Faridabad we provide training of what is SEO and how it works in our training institute as well as practical knowledge of all the theoretical colleges. Ifrita web solution is the best in terms of providing SEO training course.

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●     White Hat SEO

●     Grey  Hat SEO

●     Black Hat SEO

●     Technical SEO

Search Engine Marketing Training

From the search engine, we can also take free traffic and also paid. If you take paid traffic from the search engine, then its ad will show in the search engine and this is called search engine marketing. ifrita web solutions is the best digital marketing training institute in Faridabad. We provide internships for Digital Marketing courses at our training institute. Many institutes offer you theoretical knowledge but our main focus is on practical live projects, not providing practical knowledge. ifrita web solutions agency is better than other digital marketing training institute. In our training period, we are given full training of what search engines are and how search engines do marketing and how campaign is optimized.

Types of ads in Search Engine Marketing

●     Search ads

●     Display ads

●     Shopping ads

●     Video ads

●     Application ads

●     Lead Generation ads

Content Planning and Promotions Training

 If you want to promote your business, then your content should be unique. You must have     heard that if your content is unique then the chances of your business being promoted increase and it all depends on your content planning, what your business model is, what your business planning is, our training What are the content writing in the institute, how to do content planning and promotion, everyone is given information, so Ifrita Web Solution is famous for providing digital marketing training in Faridabad.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing is a technique in which you promote the product of a company or an organization through your blog or website. In return, the company pays you some commission. This commission can be a percentage of sales or a fixed amount. These products can be something like clothes or electronics products. Ifrita Web Solutions Best Institute For Digital Marketing

When a company promotes their product, it offers affiliate programs and when a blogger or website owner accepts this offer, the company gives them a banner and link to promote their product and when the blogger Or links the website banner or link to their website or blog, many visitors come to that website or blog and when someone clicks that banner or link, they come to the website of the company offering the affiliate program Huh. . And if a product requests or signs for a service, then in return, the blogger or website owner gets a commission, this is called affiliate marketing.

Online Digital Public Relations

 In today’s world, everything has gone digital, it has become a relation between digital technology and the public. If someone wants to send money from his account to other’s accounts, then digital technology can make our life so much Changed that we can do our work sitting at home, so today’s India is also known as Digital India. As you know there was a lockdown in because of covid-19 across the country but people were doing their work in digitally ways like work from home or money transfer from the back. Nowadays, if people want to do shopping, then they prefer to do online or they also like to get food online. In this way, we can say that online digital and public relations have been formed.

Blogging Tips

Blogging has become a trend in modern times. Many people use such as their business. He is blogging about his business and reaches the information of his business to millions of people, by doing so he earns millions, this is the reason that blogging has become a trend in today’s era. That’s why many people start writing blogs. But writing a blog is not as simple as you understand, for this many rules have to be followed. And we are giving you some blogging tips with which you can start blogging and reach your business to millions of people. It is not necessary that you can be blogging only about your business, you can do sports, news, Technology or about which you can write a blog.

Tips for Blogging: –

  • Create your own blog on
  • Connect Google Search Console SEO Tools to Your Blog
  • Submit your blog sitemap
  • Do not do multi-topic bolting
  • Publish the quality content of your blog
  • Optimize image
  • Optimize Meta description
  • Do SEO for your blog
  • Promote your blog
  • Use cache plug-in
  • Optimize your database
  • Promote Blog on social media platforms
  • Create high-quality backlinks
  • Backup your bolus regularly.

Advertisement Designing Training

Ifrita Web Solutions Advertisement facilitates design. If you want to advertise your business, you can contact it whether it is to advertise your business or blogging.

We facilitate video ads, text ads, display ads, application ads, and also provide training on how to run any ads and how to optimize them. By advertising, people have access to the business, this gives you leads. And benefit. We reach business people through our service Facebook ads and YouTube ads. Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media, social advertising can easily go from business to business.

We will cover all these modules in depth. After enrolling you will become an expert in these modules. After completion of course You will get a certificate from ifrita web solution.  And Many certificates from google, facebook, Linkedin etc. You will be certified by google as a digital marketer

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