What is WordPress ?

WordPress is basically used to create a dynamic website where we can use databases, PHP etc. WordPress is built from PHP and MySQL is a part of WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Content Management System (CMS) is an application where we can digitally upload text, images, videos, PDFs etc. A content management system is a software application that can be used to create and modify digital content. It is used for web content management and enterprise content management. WordPress is open-source software that is used to create online websites.

In WordPress, you can find themes, pages, plugins, etc. Just you have to install them and use them correctly. On WordPress you can easily create any type of website like:-  e-commerce, travel, education, etc.

wordpress design company

Ifrita Web Solution is providing the best WordPress website design services as we have all the findings related to WordPress and other digital marketing services. We create blogging websites, educational websites, landing pages, advertising-related websites and all other types of websites that are built under WordPress.

We have our highly skilled team of WordPress website developers who work to create plugin apps, custom WordPress theme development, WordPress speed optimization and 3D modules and applications such as record apps from a WordPress website. And thus with all these, we are counted as the top WordPress website development company in Faridabad, India. We practice the best SEO techniques for web indexes to progress your site.

WordPress Support Services

As a WordPress development agency, we provide top WordPress support services. Such as plugins, migration, maintenance, regular updates, custom-make of website design, troubleshooting. Our team is tasked with all types of website development in WordPress and our agency also provides SEO services.


If you are looking for creative and custom design then you have clicked on the right place because ifrita wordpress is providing a complete service that includes innovative blogs, brochures and other ideas that can make your website new.

We have more WordPress development services available, for this, you can call us or visit the website of ifrita Web Solution.

WordPress errors / fixing.

If you have found any problems, bugs, such as problems while operating the current website in WordPress, our experts here help fix bugs or errors and help your website function smoothly. We are highly recommended to fix issues on WordPress websites.

As we are the best WordPress website development agency, our first objective is to meet the needs of our customers by providing our services effectively and efficiently.

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