What is SMS marketing and How to use it?

SMS Marketing, is a technique in which companies and organizations send special offers, coupons, deals, alerts, promotion and many more in the form of the text message. It is highly targeted and permission-based. SMS is the text messaging used for spread promotion messages. It is also used for updates about new products and deals and information. In SMS Marketing, messages are sent by “short-code”, not from a telephone number. Its codes are typically 5-6 digits. With the help of SMS Marketing, you can increase loyalty and awareness in customers. Text Marketing is the best way to notify people about your immediate offers, deals, promotions and many more without any push-notification application. Ifrita web solution provides the best SMS Marketing services. Contact us for our high-quality services. 


How to use SMS marketing

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Promoting e-commerce and retail trade

In SMS marketing, you can promote your business among people. If your e-commerce and retail business has limited-time sales and offers, you will want people to hear about it and learn about it. And in this case, an SMS campaign can help you. If people get the message on time, then they do not miss that opportunity.

Appointment reminder

If in your business, the scheduled appointment time is significant then you have to use SMS as it will help you to remind customer appointments. Sometimes people forget about the appointment time and they show up late at the meeting. This will waste your time but if you have sent reminder text messages to your customers then they will not forget about the appointment and they will show the right time.

Internal Alerts

If you have a large number of employees, it can be challenging to communicate with all of them at once. You cannot share essential messages like office closures, emergency updates, information, etc. for everyone at the same time. Even when you send an email,  only a few people will read them on time because not everyone reads email outside of work. In this case, SMS can help you because SMS is easy to check and everyone is checked. SMS marketing is more helpful than email marketing in this kind of situation. Bulk SMS Companies can help you to send bulk SMS to your employees. 

Events and updates about customer orders

Events have a lot of parts that have to be organized and planned. When more people are involved in events then sharing the necessary information with them will become complicated. In this situation, bulk SMS marketing can help you. With SMS, you can easily communicate with them and inform them of any changes, notifications, cancellations, generalities or updates with better real-time engagement than email or other channels. You can also tell the customer about orders such as corrections, shipping time, the payment receiving, etc.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

There are many advantages of SMS Marketing which will help you to grow your business

  • SMS is the best tool for sending promotional campaigns and confirmation about the order, shipping, payment receiving etc. 
  • Most of the people want real-time information and SMS is the best way for it, you can send information about flight timing, cancellation of events and function, weather alert and many more.
  • You can send an SMS reminder to your clients about the appointment so they never come late on meeting and your time is not wasted.
  • You can send SMS to many people at once without wasting your time. And SMS is the thing which everyone checks because it is easy to check. 
  • You can send any kind of information without having to anyone. An SMS marketing company can help you with this. 

SMS Marketing Services:

In today’s time, SMS Marketing services get popular. Many companies use these services for promoting their offers and deals to many people at once. Most of the companies take help from the SMS marketing agency. SMS marketing agency helps them to grow their business with their services. Nowadays there are many SMS marketing companies who are growing very fast in the market and Ifrita web solution is one of them. Ifrita web solution is the best SMS marketing company in Faridabad. We are known as the best SMS marketer in Faridabad. We provide high-quality services to our clients and help them grow their business. 

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