SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

What is SEM?

 SEM or Search Engine Marketing  is an effective process or way to earn high-quality traffic for your website on SERP (Search engine result page) through both paid and organic. In today’s time most of the companies use the search engine marketing services  for increasing visibility to their website or business and achieve the swift market result. Search Engine Marketing comprises tools, strategies and techniques which help us to improve our appearance on search engines and grow our business in real-time. Most Companies use SEM in digital marketing services for instant results.


Types of SEM

 There are three main types of SEM Services which help you have more visibility on the Search Engine Result Page.

PPC Advertisement

Start of anything firstly we have to know that is what is PPC? PPC is a paid advertisement that appears on the search engine result page which is known as Pay-Per-Click. In PPC, the SEM Company bids on keywords that users of google might use when they are looking for certain Information, services or products. It gives the opportunity to advertisers to Appear their ads by the side of results for those search queries. The ads appear on the top & bottom of the page. The advertiser has to pay for each click on their ads. The advertisers necessary to use Google ads for paid advertisement. Most Companies use SEM in digital marketing for quick results.


Organic Search

The Organic result appears in the center of the search engine result page.  In this, the experts also target the keywords that users of google might use when they are looking for certain Information, services or products. So google shows them results which are organic or unpaid.

That result is selected by google with the help of their algorithm. These algorithms measure both applicability of the website (Quality of its contents) and Authority of the website (Links from other websites and pages). The Organic Method helps you to increase your ranking on the search engine result page to earn more traffic and visibility. It also helps websites gain more leads and conversions.

Local SEO

Sometimes people get confused between SEO and local SEO. so then we first clear this confusion on What is Local SEO? Local SEO is part of search engine optimization which concentrates on getting your business register on google map. This is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay on any clicks in it. For that you can take services from Local SEO Agency, which are  really useful and helpful for your business.  The Google map results always appear on top of the SERP, But if paid ads appear on that page then they are shown bottom of ads. When the user searches the query on a search engine with indicating local intent Like Restaurant, gas station, schools, Shopping center, cinema hall and any service and product providers etc. Then your business will show up on local search results. The local SEO company will customize and optimize your local business account which is an advantage for you. You can expect that your business can show on local search results in 1-8 months (It is also depending on your efforts and competitions).

Advantage of SEM

There are 6 Major Advantages of SEM and search engine marketing company can help you to achieve  these advantages:

Reach your Clients

In search engine marketing the paid search ads are used mostly. This technique is used as a short-term strategy to increase fast visibility of your business. Compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid ads can give you instant results.

Target the right audience

SEM is an effective way to reach their potential customers for the business. You can make your ads to those consumers who are searching for keywords which are related to your business. Choosing the right keywords means choosing the right audiences.

Manage your ads

You can manage paid ads easily. Google ads allow you to manage your ads and you can also create a schedule for your campaigns. You can run or stop ads whenever you want. In this, you can set up budgets for campaign and speed of performance. It helps you to bring more customers in a short time.

Increase traffic

Search ads can help you increase the traffic to your website. If you optimize and increase the quality of your search ads through some activities like setting up a budget, choose the right audience etc. Google ads also give the keyword planner tool to their user to find the most popular keywords for your business. If you choose right keywords in your ads then you can achieve your potential audience and the traffic will be increased automatically.

Pay only on the action

The biggest advantages of Paid ads. You can create paid search ads for free and it also appears on the search engine is free. You have to pay only on the action that means when someone clicks on your ads. You get free awareness and exposure for your business.

Grow Brand Awareness

In google ads, you can expose your business and brand name in ads’ headline, description and URL. You will get brand awareness for your business when your ads appear on the top of the SERP (search engine result page).


SEM (search engine marketing) is very popular in today’s time. Many companies want to run their paid search ads. Because with the help of that you can achieve your potential audience quickly. It also gives you fast results for your business. If you want to grow your business with paid ads then you have to call professionals for it. There are many best SEM companies who can help you grow your business. Ifrita Web Solution is one of them, they help you to increase your business with search engine marketing services and also in an organic way. Ifrita web solutions is the best SEM Company in Faridabad. In this current time faridabad is also going toward digitalization, even in marketing and in this situation Ifrita Web solution is rising as the best search engine marketing agency in Faridabad. SEM is an effective way but you have to also focus on SEO because you can not ignore one part for another. So focus both of them and increase your business.

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