What is a Tag?

Oct - 31

What is a Tag?

What is a tag?

Tags stand for a hyperlink, which connects one page to another. Most important attribute of  <a> element is the href attribute, which indicates the link’s destination. Tags used in HTML ( Hypertext markup link ) for formatting the base, Like <table> tag will be used for making tables in HTML language. Tags are used also in XML language for formatting the base of anything. 


What is a Tag


Types of tags: –

There are two types of tags in HTML:-

1.    Paired Tags: In Paired tags, there needs an opening tag which turns on the formatting feature and also a closing tag which turns off the formatting feature. For example: <DOCTYPE> and <hr>.

2.    Singular Tags: In Singular tags, there are no opening tags and closing tags. It is also called a stand-alone and empty tag. For example: <br>, <hr> & <img>.

How to use tags for SEO:

1.    Title Tag: Title tag is an important HTML tag for SEO. It describes your content. On a search engine, how searches see our page. Your title is an advantage for your content. For example: “<title>Digital Marketing Services in Faridabad</title>”.

2.    Meta Description tags:  Meta description tag is also an important HTML tag for Search Engine optimization. It is a help to show information in the search engine result. For example: <Meta name=”description” content=”Take digital marketing services from Ifrita web solution in Faridabad”>.

3.    Header tag: Header tag used to describe the content more briefly and it also makes the content easy to read for the audience. Header helps the audience to find what they’re looking.

          For example:

     <h1></h1> – usually reserved for web page titles.

     <h2></h2> – highlights the topic of the title.

     <h3></h3> – reflects points in regards to the topic.

     <h4></h4> – supports points from <h3>.

     <h5></h5> – not often used, but it is great for supporting points of <h4>.

 4.    Alt tag: Alt tag used for the images. It is helpful for engaging people from the image. You can earn more viewers from it. For example: <img src=”ifrita web solution.jpg”>

      5.    Building links: Building high-quality backlink is a part of SEO. You need to focus on internal links as well as connecting to external sites. In SEO, links are very important. It is helpful to rank your website in search engines. 

 There are a few types of Backlinks tags:

     Dofollow tag: “Dofollow” tags are those HTML tags which help the website to rank on search engine results. This kind of backlink is everyone wanted because it means your site is helpful or valuable for viewers. This link shows that your site has harmful or wrong information for others. For example:  <a href=”http://ifritawebsolution.com/” rel=”nofollow”>your anchor text</a>

     Nofollow tag:  “Nofollow” tags are those HTML tags which do not help the website to rank on search engine results. The search engine is to ignore this type of links because search engine spiders/robots don’t allow it. Google doesn’t even crawl Nofollow links. For example: <a href=”http://ifritawebsolution.com/” rel=”nofollow”>your anchor text</a>

     Noreferrer tag: “Noreferrer” tags are those HTML tags which do not give any referral information to the browser but the link will work. For example: <a href=”http://ifritawebsolution.com/” rel=”noreferrer”>your anchor text</a>.

Noopener tag: Noopener tag are those HTML tags which are added to links which choose to open in a new tab. For example: <a href=”https://www.ifritawebsolution.com rel=”noopener”>Link to Example.com</a>

6.    Anchor tags: Anchor tags are used as a hyperlink text link in HTML. The search engine uses that tag to control the landing place’s URL. A user can reach the landing-place by clicking on the anchor tag. For example: <a href=”http://www.ifritawebsolution.com”>Home page </a>

7.     Robot tags: Robot tags is an HTML tag which is used to stop the search engine crawlers to analysis your contents. For example: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>



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