What is a tag?

Tags stand for a hyperlink, which connects one page to another. Most important attribute of  <a> element is the href attribute, which indicates the link’s destination. Tags used in HTML ( Hypertext markup link ) for formatting the base, Like <table> tag will be used for making tables in HTML language. Tags are used also in XML language for formatting the base of anything. 

Types of tags: -

There are two types of tags in HTML:-

  1. Paired Tags: In Paired tags, there needs an opening tag which turns on the formatting feature and also a closing tag which turns off the formatting feature. For example: <DOCTYPE> and <hr>.
  2. Singular Tags: In Singular tags, there are no opening tags and closing tags. It is also called a stand-alone and empty tag. For example: <br>, <hr> & <img>.

How to use tags for SEO:

  1. Title Tag: Title tag is an important HTML tag for SEO. It describes your content. On a search engine, how searches see our page. Your title is an advantage for your content. For example: “<title>Digital Marketing Services in Faridabad</title>”.
  2. Meta Description tags:  Meta description tag is also an important HTML tag for Search Engine optimization. It is a help to show information in the search engine result. For example: <Meta name=”description” content=”Take digital marketing services from Ifrita web solution in Faridabad”>.
  3. Header tag: Header tag used to describe the content more briefly and it also makes the content easy…
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