How to get leads on Facebook

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Facebook is a great platform to get more traffic and audience for your business. If you want to know how to get leads on Facebook there are lot of factor and reasons like budget, placements, bid strategies, the creative, the ad copy, Facebook ads policy respect, wrong objective, wrong audience, bad Facebook marketing strategy.

The customer leads that’s most likely to convert for your business are the leads that are already actively engaging with your competitors. We will tell you a easy way to find these leads (potential customers liking, commenting, take your competitor’s on Facebook page) and then use these leads to market your business.

How to generate leads in Facebook

First you have to create a Facebook page related to your business. In which you have to upload the information related to your business. You have to share your product information on your Facebook page. It is easy through Facebook to reach the information and service related to your business to the people. People connect quickly with this. You can share images, videos and information of your company’s products and services on Facebook. This engages the Facebook audience. Your business reach increases, people’s attention is attracted towards your business. Through Facebook you connect with real customers.

You can convert potential customer into buyer. By giving them a good knowledge of your product. Then you select the audience to whom you want to see ads. Facebook shows it to those people who set of audience through a group who shows their interest through his contact form.

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How To Find Leads From Facebook Ads

The best way for How to find Leads from Facebook Ads works is that you create ads on Facebook for your business page and contact forms that contain a customizable set of questions or fields that gives information about on your page. Then you select the audience to whom you want to see ads. Facebook shows it to those people who set of audience through a group who shows their interest through his contact form.

This results in qualified inbound leads with a higher potential lead to buyer rate than your typical Facebook visitor to the website. We’ll talk more about how to find leads from Facebook ads, but let’s start with how to setup a Facebook ads campaign and generate leads.

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Create a Facebook lead ads Campaign

Process 1: Go to the Facebook for Business page manager and start creating a new campaign for your page. The first step is to choose your objective, there are 3 main objectives are appear first is Awareness (brand Awareness, reach), Consideration (traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, or lead generation) and Conversion (conversions, catalogue sales, or store visits).

Facebook lead generation

Process 2. Create a new ad set campaign: This is a tool where you define a set of filters to target a specific Facebook audience. You can target the audience according to the location (Like a country, its specific area and city), gender, languages, and people who match with specific interests, behavior, age range (eg: 18-25, or 45-60, etc.)

Process 3. Custom Audience Ads: Finally you can set up an automatic placement, Facebook then decides where to show ads for your optimal lead generation. And you can also add it as a manual placement. Allows you to choose the types of devices and platforms where you can display the aids. Platform like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram.

Process 4. Choose Connection: You can create an event on Facebook and make people aware to join it. So that more and more people join your event. You can choose those audiences on Facebook. Who has responded to your Facebook event. Who have liked your page and their friends who also liked Page.

Process 5. Optimization and Spending control: In Optimization and Spending Control, you can decide the date on which you want to start campaign ads. You have to select Indian time after that you can also enter the end date for how long you have to run ads. Along with this, you can also see the payment, if you want, you can also see the advance option. You can also check your biding that when your payment should be deducted. When the impression will come, people will click on your ads, then your payment will be deducted.


Process 6. Create Facebook Instant form: In Add New Form, first you have to click on New Form. First of all, click on create a form. First of all you have to click on “Option”. In this, you can select what to fill in your form. First coming here is the email, full name, with this add new option you will get the options of what else to add. After this you have to click on the save button, then on the finish button. Then your work will be done.

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How to collect leads from Facebook

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There are so many different social media platforms, it is difficult to choose which social media platform is better. But when it comes to the name of Facebook, there is no better social media platform than that. This is because the number of Facebook users is higher than all social media platforms. There are 2.7 billion monthly active users in 2020.

Every businesses know that it is important to have a Facebook page. Get a lot of likes by posting quality and related content here and there get some positive reviews. There’s a lot more to Facebook than gaining new costumers and promoting your business on Facebook. In fact, one of the latest and greatest uses of Facebook is to collect leads.

How to collect leads from Facebook? Here are the right ways:

Step 1. Open Facebook business page: First of all, go to your Facebook business page, on which business page you have started your lead generation campaign. Click on your page, click on the left side of your page, then go to the business page and open it. After this we have to go to the left side of our page then click on “More Tool”. After that many options will come in front of us, then we have to click on “Instant Forms”. After that the page of Instant From will be opened where our leads will be shown. Where we have run the lead campaign.

Step 2. Lead Ads Form: A lead ads form is open which contain all data of your ad campaign. Below the lead ads form option on the right hand side, download option are available. The campaign for which we want to download leads. Click on the download button of that campaign.

As soon as we click on the download button a new window will open in front of us. We have to click on Download New Lead.

After that two options will come in front of us for download link.

  1. CSV
  2. XLS

You can download any format to see the lead. Click on CVC option then download will be started and open that file all data of leads are in available in this file.


How to collect leads from facebook


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