What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are ordinary links which come from one website to another. It is very important for websites because high-quality it can help grow website rank on the search engine. The search engine checks backlinks and indicates whether the site has helpful information or not. Backlinks also are known as “inbound links”. If you want to make high-quality backlinks then create it from high authorized sites which are relevant to your niche. Backlinks are the most commonly occurring word in Search Engine Optimization. Every SEO Agency monthly work on a website with off page activities. 

what are backlinks and its use

Types of back links

There are two types of backlinks: –

  1. Do follow: Do follow links are those links which help the website to rank on search engine results. This kind of back link is everyone wanted because it     means the site is helpful or valuable for viewers. This shows that your site has harmful or wrong information for others.
  2. No follow: No follow links are those links which do not help the website to rank on search engine results. It is ignored because spiders/robots don’t  allow it. Google doesn’t even index it.

       Sometimes, Do follow links are considered to become toxic. when these links come from suspicious or distrustful sites. Google can penalize your site for   this. So, whenever you create it then check if that is Do follow or No follow.

There is a way to check it:

  • Firstly right-click on the link from mouse
  • Choose to inspect from appearing the list
  • A window will be shown on right sight with HTML
  • Look highlighted line in it
  • If it has rel=”no follow”

That means it is a no follow link and if it does not show rel=”no follow” that means it is a do follow link.

How to Generate Backlinks?

Here are 10 ways of generate it:-

  1. broken-link building method
  2. Add links of your website in your social media profile
  3. Build it through Infographic
  4. Publish guest articles on other blogs
  5. Promote your content
  6. Build links by using Q&A sites
  7. Write a testimonial for other sites
  8. Submit web directory
  9. Comment on relevant blog posts
  10. Monitor your competitors
How to Generate Back links, Here are 10 ways of generate it

Back links play a really important role to get the website high on the search engine result. You can check your website with back link checker tools. In this, they give you advance access to the back link profiles of your website. In ahref, you can check all links and make a strategy for your next steps.

Advantages of Building Back links

Top 5 Advantages of building it:

  1. Improve your SEO: Back links are very helpful for improving our SEO Services. It is to tell the search engine that your website is worth giving helpful or  useful information to the viewers. Google will notice this and markup when ranking websites.
  2. Increase traffic on websites from referral sites: Back links are very useful for increasing traffic. If you build more high-quality back links from     different sites. The chance will get high of increased traffic from referral sites.
  3. Endorsement to site: Endorsement is really important for content which you publish on sites. When you create a backlink from other sites it will   automatically give you automatic endorsement.
  4.  Build trust and authorities: When you receive more endorsement from recognized websites. It will be very helpful for your website to rank on search engines
  5.   Advertise: When your websites link to other recognized sites, it will be useful for more visibility. It is considered as a free advertisement
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