What is Facebook Ads and Benefits

Today, the most commonly used platform in social media is Facebook, the number of people using Facebook in India is 290 million and different kinds of humans comes to this platform to interact with each other.

What is a Facebook Ads?

Facebook is also an advertisement platform like any other online advertising service, on which you can promote your business by posting different types of content and deals, generate leads, get people to fill data, your Facebook page Like, increase traffic to your website, get conversions, your YouTube videos or other videos, etc. There are many other things you can achieve using Facebook ads. Our Company Also Create Facebbok Ads, Youtube Advertising, Google Ads According to Client as well as Promote Our Business and Brand on Social Media. Ifrita Web Solutions Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Faridabad Delhi/ncr India.

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And in this, you can run many types of campaigns and target audiences according to your business requirement. In this, you can set location, audience, budget according to the requirement of your Facebook campaign, and also you can make the daily budget.

Benefits of Facebook ads

  1. Talking about the audience, Facebook is the best platform because there is no shortage of any kind of audience here.
  2. You can run ads on any budget, the higher your budget, the more you can reach the audience.
  3. In this you can also do what is related to your business interest, you can target it directly.
  4. The biggest advantage of Facebook marketing is that the ads you will run on Facebook, the same ads can run on Instagram, that too at the same price because Instagram is also the property of Facebook.

There are 4 major steps to create a Facebook advertising campaign:

1. Choosing Marketing Objectives

2. Create Ad Set

3. Create Advertisement

4. Submit for review


1. Choosing Marketing Objectives:- Whenever you create an account in the create ads section, whenever you come back to this section, this step will be first and you have to choose your marketing objectives, such as brand awareness, lead generation, convergence, etc.

2. Create Ad Set: – In the advertising set we define the boundaries of the advertising campaign, audience, interests, budget, and placement, etc. First of all, you have to give any name to the ad group and then select the audience in it. In this, the audience is selected by location.

You have to determine that Facebook should only show your ad to the people who are interested in you. And according to which audience and interest will be chosen, Facebook will also count you together to show you how to reach your ad to the least and maximum number of people. Basically, it tells you the predicted results.

And after that, you have to install Facebook, where your ads have to appear such as Instagram, Facebook desktop version, mobile version, etc.

3. Create Advertisement: – You can either create a new ad for the advertisement or you can choose a post from your Facebook page as an advertisement.  The Facebook advertising agency helps you to promote your business on Facebook.

You have to link some Facebook pages with every ad type because Facebook shows your ads on behalf of your Facebook page. That is, each of your ads will have the name of the page associated with your Facebook. And the advertisement has to be completed by uploading pictures and videos etc. according to that format. Facebook gives you a lot of ad format options like full-screen expression, carousel, multiple images, single image, single video, a combination of all format types, etc.

Next, you have to call the call to action button or the appropriate link, these options vary completely and according to your marketing objectives. there are further advanced options that help you optimized your FB ads campaign in a highly customized way. The Facebook marketing agency always researches and analyzes the market before starting the advertisement. they also collect the data and results of the market after the advertisement and report it to their clients.


4. Submit for review: – When you’re Ad Set and Ad Create is complete. So your ad goes for review, then you are approved, sometimes approval comes within a few minutes, and sometimes takes a few hours. As soon as the ad is approved, your ad is run as per the schedule, after its completion, you see the result in your Ad Manager. You can export results in Excel or CSV format from Ad Manager.

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