What is Google Tag Manager? How to use it?

What is a Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a free tool which helps to manage and develop the tags on your websites or apps without altering the codes. Google tag manager shares or passes the information from your website or apps. Every SEO Company use google tags manager. With the help of it you can manage the lots of codes which are stored in one place.

With the help of it, you can manage the tags without using coding. but it is not simply that much it sounds. you have to have some technical knowledge even if you use GTM. GTM is an essential tool for companies using digital marketing. You have to have some technical knowledge for understanding the concept of a google tag manager like what is tags, triggers and variables and how to use them and you have to also have knowledge about google tag assistant.

what is google tag manager

If you want to set up tracking in google tag manager, you have to know about tracking like what kind of data you can track, how google analytics works, how tracking data look like in google analytics etc. you can connect tags like schema, Analytics etc, That is very helpfull for every Digital marketing company.

How to use google Tag Manager?

There are three parts of GTM, which help us to achieve our goals.

Tags: Snippet of tracking pixel

Triggers: It informs GTM how or when to shoot tag

Variables: Further Information which may be helpful for tag and trigger to work.

What are Tags?

Tags are code or tracking pixel from third-party tools, Which are informed to Google tag manager what to do. 

Some examples of tags within the GTM:-

Google Analytics Universal tracking code

  • Adwords Conversion Tracking code
  • Facebook pixel
  • Ad words Re marketing code
  • Heat-map tracking code (Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc…)

What is a Trigger?

The trigger is a process to shoot the tags, which are set up by you. It informs the google tag manager when and how to shoot it. Where you want to shoot tags on a page view, is it custom or link click?

What is a Variable?

The variable is just Further Information which may be helpful for tag and trigger to work. you can create the variable according to your needs. the most basic variable that you can create is Analytics UA number (the tracking ID number) in google tag manager.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

There are some benefits of Google tag manager:-

Easy to use: Google tag manager is developing the tags without altering the codes and this is the biggest advantage of it. You do not need to have programming knowledge. You can add the tags, create the variable and make updates.

Save the time: GTM saves your time because you can use it without the help of developers. It doesn’t need the coding which takes time; you can do it without the coding, which saves your time.

Everything is in one place: It is one of the advantages of GTM. Before it, developers have to add the code snippet on websites’ source code for making additions and changes.  But now everything is in one place so you don’t have to make efforts to correct the errors. and great use of Google tag manager for SEO is for injecting Schema into a site.

Auto event tracking: Auto event is a feature and also an advantage of a Google tag manager. In this GTM track your events automatically without any coding. It requires some setups. one it is ready, GTM will automatically start listening to the website interaction. 

GTM is Free: It is the biggest advantage of a Google tag manager. GTM is a completely free tool. It is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.  The larger organization can purchase their premium GTM version in Tag Manager 360.

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