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Smart flow

Leveraging technology transfer and global strength of its erstwhile shareholders Emtelle U.K., PIL manufactures world- class inner Permanently Solid Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts & Micro Duct systems which offer unsurpassable value to its Clients in creating future proof, scalable, durable smart fibre network architecture for Intercity & intracity, back haul, Access, towers and FTTx. Smart duct crafted in a multi-layer formation with the outer most layer of premium HDPE with in¬built Ultraviolet protection and Inner layer co-extruded with permanent silicon solid lubricant. Smart Flow is manufactured with “Smooth” Inner layer geometry and can be customized as per Your requirements.

Key Benefits:-

  • High performance duct to meet on the site challenges with highest standards of Tensile Strength, Elongation & Crush resistance.
  • Designed to handle extra pull force demand in Horizontal directional drilling (HDD).
  • High-grade PE material make these ducts resistant to high level of impact during the entire life span.
  • Consistent wall thickness throughout ensures ducts are perfectly round and ready to get coupled effectively without any leakage.
  • High quality inner lubricant layer significantly reduces coefficient of friction thereby ensuring longer blowing distance and enhancing the life of the cable.