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innovation MICRO DUCTING

Under technology transfer from its erstwhile partners Emtelle U.K., Parixit offers innovative & versatile Micro ducting systems & solutions for FTTx. Easier, quicker, more efficient and extremely flexible, Micro technology calls for Blowing / Jetting / Pulling of Micro O.F. Cables in small size PLB lubricated micro ducts offering deeper fiber penetration, availability & cost- effectiveness. Micro ducts are most ideal for enhancing capacity in existing routes & maximizing U/G space utilization.

Typical Applications:

  • Fibre-to-the-Home, Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), In-Building, Fibre to the cabinet
  • Smart Cities, City/Metro Networks, Long Distance Networks, Campus/ Business Park
  • Mobile Mast Connections, Telemetry and Intelligent Transport systems
  • Rail, Motorway, 5G & Wifi antennas
  • Wind farms, Solar Farms, Cable TV, I.P Security etc.


Microducts provide versatility, flexibility & scalability to cater to ever increasing Bandwidth demand, maximizing ROI by aligning Network expansion to demand increase. Made from 100% virgin PE with inner layer of super slick silicone lining (ribbed or smooth), Microducts provide multiple pathways to pull / blow micro O.F. cables (6 to 288 fiber) creating or ramping up desired capacity.

  • Compliance to International / National standards like ASTMF 21 60, IEC, TSEC etc.
  • LSZH or Riser Rated for Inside Buildings as per IEC, UL& similar specifications
  • Option of factory installed pull-string for IBS & Drop fiber applications

Benefits of Micro Technology:-

  • Branch-outs anytime anywhere without splice joints (Micro ducts are spliced & notthe cables)
  • Link loss budget under control

  • Scalable future-proof network

  • Build as you grow; quick blowing of cables through spare | microducts.

  • New Cables; in sync with latest fiber technology

  • More Bandwidth¬† per $ / Rs spent