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Smart track

Smart ducts with inbuilt tracking capabilities for asset traceability even years after deployment. The co-extruded tracer copper wire along its entire length offers sustainable Tractability & Depth measurement solutions. With congesting underground city/metro space & ever-changing landscapes making network location difficult by the day, Smart Track provides an intelligent underground network solution offering tremendous advantage.

Key Benefits:-

  • Smart Track duct can be offered with smooth wall or ribbed type inner wall construction therefore combining the best of Smart Cruise and Smart Flo with tractability.
  • The as-built drawings can be rapidly created and validated to ensure that your underground assets can be identified easily during O&M operations thus minimising MTTR.

Size Range

Popular sizes (32/26mm, 40/33mm, 40/34.2mm, 40/32 mm, 38.8/33 mm,

 36.5/30 mm, & 50/42 mm) Other sizes upto 125 mm O.D available on request.


Customer specific Colors & Marking.

Standard Coil Length

1000 meters, 500 meters & 250 meters. Customized supply length available.

Expected Life Span

50 Years +.

Operating Temperature range

-15°C to + 60°C

Raw Material Grade

PE 63, PE 63 UV, PE 80, PE 100

Key Performance Parameters

Highest standards of Tensile Strength, Elongation & Crush Resistance


Latest TEC GR, ASTM F2160, DIN 8074, EN12201, ISO 4427 and others

Optional Features

Co-extruded Tracer Wire, Inner Ribs (Straight/Spiral), Factory-Installed Pull Rope

Installation Application

Open Trench, HDD, Ploughing, Saw Cut