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Fire safe

Smart ducts are manufactured with special formulation of Fire Retardant material to provide differently designed levels of fire retardant complying to VO, VI or V2 ratings as per UL94 specifications. These ducts are typically suitable for installation in areas where fire could be a hazard & in sensitive military/public areas/installations. FireSafe can be offered in all the 3# inside construction viz. smooth wall, straight ribbed, spiral ribbed.

Typical application areas:

In Riser, Plenum, Metro Rails, Tunnels, Airports, Refineries, Data Centres etc.


20mm to 63mm O.D.


Standards/Spec specific

Coil Length

1000 meters, 500 meters & 250 meters

Expected Life Span

50 Years +.

Suited Temperature range

-15°C to + 60°C

Raw Material Grade

PE 63 UV, PE 80 + UV & FR Grade material

Key Performance Parameters

Highest standards of Tensile Strength, Elongation & Crush Resistance